Supporters wanted for model lawsuit or political campaign

The November/December aid in Germany excludes foreign sales! Without further government definitions. This results in a massive distortion of competition in aid.

To explain a possible misunderstanding: The foreign sales were paid for by companies that are not based in Germany. We are German companies that have generated these sales and paid them to our employees, freelancers and partner companies in Germany. So the added value stayed in Germany. We also paid all the taxes for it.

In December, tax consultants assumed that services rendered in Germany, which are also assessed here with trade tax and income tax, are included. The applications have been completed and submitted. 3 weeks ago there was training for tax consultants with the exact interpretation of the law, which now states that if you have invoices according to reverse charge, these are foreign sales that are no longer to be taken into account in the aid.

Our tourist services with the DonauGuides GmbH for river cruises have 95% of these foreign sales. Our tax consultants have now split applications for free, but we are still allowed to bear the costs of around €1,000.

It is incomprehensible why we are treated differently. This is a clear distortion of competition and disadvantage.

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